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History of AMRF

1902 Kumagae Hospital, an obstetrics/gynecology clinic, is founded by Dr. Kumagae and later run by Dr. Haruyuki Asaba.
1953 Dr. Takeichi Asaba founds the Asaba Medical Research Foundation and Kumagae Hospital is donated to the organization.
1954 A 19-bed psychiatric unit is added to the Kumagae campus.
1963 Kohnan Hospital, a 100-bed psychiatric facility, is built in Tamano under the Asaba Medical Research Foundation.
1967 Kohnan Hospital is expanded to a 208-bed facility.
1984 Dr. Hiroyuki Asaba closes Kumagae Hospital, and focus is placed on Kohnan Hospital.
1990 Kohnan Hospital - A new occupational therapy center is introduced
1993 Kohnan Hospital - Number of beds reduced to 173 beds / 3 wards
1999 Kohnan Hospital - New building completed (3 floors + 1 semi-underground floor)
2000 Kohnan Hospital
- Number of beds reduced to 105 beds
- Renovation of old building
- Number of beds increased to 155 beds
As of
Kohnan Hospital
- Short-term psychiatric unit (55 beds)
- Long-term psychiatric unit (50 beds)
- Geriatric psychiatry unit (50 beds)

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