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Ability, Awareness, and Participation Among Individuals Living with Mental Illness: A Cross-Cultural Project Between Sweden and Japan
Project Manager: Eric Asaba, Ph.D., OTR

Collaboration with Karolinska Institutet: Anders Kottorp, Ph.D., Reg. OT; Clara Gumbert, M.D., Ph.D.; Kerstin Tham, Ph.D., Reg. OT, Docent; Staffan Josephsson, Ph.D., Reg. OT

Project funding:
Center for Caring Sciences (CfV), Karolinska Institutet

About this Project (Karolinska Institutet)

Occupational Performance, Awareness, Cognition, and Learning Therapy: A Evaluation of Clinical and Daily Life Applications
Project Manager: Eric Asaba, Ph.D., OTR

Collaborators: Hiroyuki Asaba, MD, PhD; Toshiaki Sakai, MD, PhD

Project funding: Asaba Medical Research Foundation (partial)

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